Illustrations – Portuguese Expressions


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Our illustrations are inspired by portuguese expressions and proverbs …

They come with a frame, handmade with nordic pine, and are ready to be in the walls of its new house.


Cotton Paper, 300g.

Nordic Pine.

Water-based varnish.


Size A3: 29,7 cm x 42 cm


All articles are handmade. Therefore, may present slight variations when compared to the ones on the pictures.

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Expressões Portuguesas / Portuguese Expressions

Aqui há gato, Tirar um coelho da cartola, Ovelha negra, Quem anda à chuva, molha-se, És 5 estrelas, Lobo em pele de cordeiro, Mangas de alpaca, Ave só não faz ninho, Nem tudo o que vem à rede, é peixe, Olh'ó manjerico, Quem sai aos seus não degenera, Vai-te catar, Cão que ladra, não morde, Quem vê caras, não vê corações, Carro parado, não guincha, Baleia no canal, terás temporal, Trazer água no bico, Piurso, É uma casa portuguesa com certeza, There is a cat in here, Pull a rabbit out of the hat, Black sheep, Who walks in the rain, gets wet, 5 Stars, Wolf in sheep's clothing, Alpaca sleeves, Lonely bird doesn't built a nest, Not everything that comes to net, is fish, "Look the manjerico !", Who comes from his owns, doesn't degenerate, Go "cactus" youself !, Dog that barks, doesn't bite, Who see faces, doesn't see hearts, Stopped car, doesn't squeak, Whales in the channel, you will have a storm, Bring water on the beak


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