“Seagulls ashore storm on the sea”


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“Seagulls ashore, storm on the sea” is a portuguese expression that associates the sighting of seagulls ashore to the existence of storm on the sea.

Seagulls are common animals on the portuguese coast, so used to help fishermen to forecast the weather on the sea. When they were on the land that was a sign that a storm was happening on the sea …

These seagulls do not foresee storms, but they will make everybody dream with their wings. They work like “mobile”, having a string that pulls, and causes that it flaps the wings, as if of a true seagull it was . At the top, it has a small wood hoop, which allows to hang on the ceiling.

It comes with a postcard 10 cm x 15 cm, which illustrates the Portuguese expression to which it refers and which explains the meaning of it on the back. Handmade in Portugal. Each product is unique.



Selected portuguese pine.

Water-based varnish.



width (wing to wing): 80 cm

lenght : 30 cm

height: 90 cm



All articles are handmade with natural materials. Therefore, may present slight variations when compared to the ones on the pictures.


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Weight 575 g

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