“whale in the channel you will have a storm”


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NOTE: Decorative whale

“Whales in the channel, you will have a storm” is an expression used in the Portuguese language, which was originated in Azores, a portuguese archipelago on Atlantic Ocean, where is possible to see whales.

Popular wisdom, often based on empirical knowledge, associated the sighting of these animals with the arrival of thunderstorms …

These friendly whales will never bring storms, just joy to their new homes. They are made using scraps of wood from SO-SO workshop, mostly from “whales in the channel, you will have a storm – money box”. Thus, a “mummy” whale originates a new and cute whale!

Every product comes with a postcard (10 cm x 15 cm), which illustrates the portuguese expression and explains the meaning of it, both in portuguese and english. It can be framed.

Handmade in Portugal. Each product is unique.



Portuguese pine.

Water-based stain.




15 cm x 9 cm x 5 cm



All articles are handmade. Therefore, may present slight variations when compared to the ones on the pictures.

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Weight 400 g

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